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Thanks for that info on goat milk. I've been experimenting with aged cheese and one of the cheese-making books I read said that goat milk didn't separate. But, you have practical experience with the raw stuff, so thanks. Living in an urban setting, I'm limited to milk from the store for my cheese, so I just have pastuerized and raw cow milk and pasteurized goat milk.

Will you be coming to the Cooks' Playdate at West An Tir War over the 4th of July?

Juana Isabella

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> Greetings,
> In real life, I own a small, private, goat dairy.  I
> make cheese, 
> butter, yogurt and more from the milk.
> Goat milk does separate, it just takes longer.  I let
> it sit on the 
> counter, at room temp (in western WA state, so we are
> talking anywhere 
> from 60-70 F), for a day or two and skim off the risen
> cream.  There is 
> still plenty of cream left in the milk to make a semi-skim
> cheese.  
> Some people let the milk sit in their refrigerator, which
> is safer in 
> warm climates.  I don't bother, because I use raw milk
> and while it's 
> sitting on the countertop it's culturing for both the
> butter and the 
> cheese. 
> Goat milk also separates easily with a standard cream
> separator.   I 
> just haven't bought one yet.
> Aelianora


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