[Sca-cooks] Goat Cheese (Warning: Long)

wheezul at canby.com wheezul at canby.com
Sat Jun 5 07:18:26 PDT 2010

Emilio wrote:

> Jr milch ist menschlicher natur artzny / vnd besundern vngeronene vnd
> wenig keß materia habende
> Their milk is to man's nature medicinal / and especially if not
> clotted/curded and if having only little cheese material
> Jr keß syn nit als löblich als der schaffe
> Their cheeses are not as estimable as the sheep's.
> Jr fleisch ist zuo drucken vnd hart dawlich
> Their meat is too dry (physically? humorally?) and hard to digest.
> Sunder der geißlin fleisch ist das best under vierfüssigen gemeinen / vnd
> nemlich am soge
> However the kid's meat is the best among all four-footed animals,
> especially when they are still suckling.
Thanks Emilio - the whole thing had very little in the way of punctuation
and changing around some of the structure helped a bit.

" vnd besundern vngeronene vnd
> wenig keß materia habende"
I didn't see anything that made me think 'if' in the language, but is it a
period nuance of besunder?  Or is it a bit of modernization?

"Jr fleisch ist zuo drucken vnd hart dawlich"

I first translated the part as too dry and hard to digest, but then rather
interpreted the zu as to and not as too.  Cna Zu and Zuo/Zue mean "to" and
"too" as in English?  I didn't know that.  I've been trying to pay special
attention to propositions.  They are the hardest for me.

"soge" definitely looked like two words - "so ge" in the text, but your
translation seems to make more sense.  I also figured out after this that
comparing the 1512 version and 1518 version is helpful.

Did you see there was an entire section on how to milk and make
sheep's cheese?

Thank you,


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