[Sca-cooks] Goat Cheese (Warning: Long)

emilio szabo emilio_szabo at yahoo.it
Sat Jun 5 09:10:55 PDT 2010

Hello Katherine

<< I didn't see anything that made me think 'if' in the language, but is it a
period nuance of besunder?  Or is it a bit of modernization? >>

I added the "if" to make clear what is meant. By "ungeronene" a necessary condition of the milk is mentioned, in order to be healthy.

<< "Jr fleisch ist zuo drucken vnd hart dawlich" 

I first translated the part as too dry and hard to digest, but then rather
interpreted the zu as to and not as too.  Cna Zu and Zuo/Zue mean "to" and
"too" as in English? >>

Yes, the can. As you probably know, the first edition (1483; very beautiful!!) of the translation is on the web as well. This passages goes like this: "Jr fleisch ist alzü drocken", which clearly means 'too'.

<< "soge" definitely looked like two words - "so ge" in the text, but your
translation seems to make more sense. >>

Words are often hyphenated without hyphen ... mild contradiction here, I hope it is clear what I mean. Again in the 1483 version it is written in one word. 

<< I also figured out after this that
comparing the 1512 version and 1518 version is helpful. >>

Yes, that is often helpful. As far as I can see these editions are online:
-- German 1483 (Darmstadt library, Munich library)
-- German 1495 (Munich)
-- German 1512 (Munich)
-- German 1518 (Munich)
-- German 1531 
-- Latin 1471 (Munich)
-- Latin 1488-83 (Heidelberg)
-- Latin 1486 (Wolfenbuettel)
-- Latin 1490-95 (Wolfenbuettel)
-- Latin 1538 (Tours, BVH)

<< Did you see there was an entire section on how to milk and make
sheep's cheese? >>

There is a chapter in Book IX, chapter lxxii (72), which reads in the 1483 edition:

"Das .lxxii. cap. Wann vnnd wye sye sollen gemolcken werden vnnd wie die kese gemacht vnd behalten werden".

It is a few chapters before the passage you translated.

Best, Emilio
Der nutz der geiß ist in den fellen. milch vnd geyßlyn
Vs iren fellen werden die besten gezogen leder hosen vnnd satel decken etc
Jre milch ist menchlicher natur ertznye. vnnd besundern vngeronnen wenig kese materia habende
Jre kese syn nit also loeblich als der schoff
Jr fleisch ist alzü drocken vnnd harte dawlich. Sunder der geyßlyn fleisch ist das beste vnder vierfussigen gemeinen vnnd nemlich am soge (PAR) Vß der geißlyn fellen werden subtile karten vnnd gar lustbarliche schw den tzarten menschen


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