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On Jun 6, 2010, at 1:43 PM, Johnna Holloway wrote:

> If you search through Early English Meals and Manners: The Boke of Keruynge
> (Boke of Keruynge is 1508)
> which is online at:
> http://www.gutenberg.org/files/24790/24790-h/keruyng.html
> you'll find the traditional meats and dishes that require mustard, such as:
> Seruyce. 1. Brawn, &c. ¶ Fyrste sette ye forthe mustarde and brawne,
> and
> Take your knyfe in your hande, and cut brawne in ye dysshe as it lyeth, & laye it on your soueraynes trenchour, & se there be mustarde.
> Here endeth ye keruynge of flesshe. And begynneth sauces for all maner of fowles.
> Mustarde Mustard for beef; Verjuice for boiled chickens; Cawdrons for swans; is good with brawne, befe, chyne, bacon, & motton. Vergius is good to boyled chekyns and capon / swanne with cawdrons / rybbes of beef. befe with garlycke, mustarde, peper, vergyus; gynger sauce to lambe, pygge, & fawne / mustarde & suger to fesande, partryche, and conye
> Mustarde is good for salte herynge.
> There are several more mentions. Summer sausage might work well. It doesn't need refrigeration.
> Johnnae

And then there are the Einseignements, which are almost tedious in their references to which meats go with a large variety of sauces... but if X is salted, the sauce is mustard.

So, to that end of things... salt cod, salt herring, and boiled, salt beef or pork could all be eaten with mustard. Maybe not the same mustard in all cases, but a mustard sauce of some kind...


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