[Sca-cooks] Meats to go with mustard

Pixel, Goddess and Queen pixel at hundred-acre-wood.com
Sun Jun 6 20:42:36 PDT 2010

When I sample mustards I use pretzels. I have tried ham and summer sausage 
in the past, and the pretzels seem to be the most universally popular.

Margaret FitzWilliam

On Sun, 6 Jun 2010, Drucilla Meany-Herbert wrote:

> Have a question to ask. At the Roundtable I plan on having chips and veggies 
> to go with the mustards but they really shine with meats. Are there any meats 
> that don't necessarily have to be kept cold? Sausages and the like? Or ways 
> of preparing them that don't require refrigeration or cooking? Or is this too 
> risky of an endeavor and if so, what other suggestions do folks have for 
> other things rather than chips and veggies to go with mustards, that don't 
> require refrigeration.
> Gwyneth

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