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Mon Jun 7 07:43:47 PDT 2010

I'm guessing if you google "raw milk" you will find as many proponents as
opponents.  It is still illegal to sell raw milk in a number of states.  The
way around this is that farmers sell "shares" of a cow - that way you "own"
a share and are therefore entitled to get raw milk for your own consumption.

I would still caution people from sharing their bounty with others without
checking with their local/state/federal laws.  I know we are well
intentioned people but I'd hate to see someone caught up in a legal problem
about this.  I know there are limiting factors (like allowing the cheese to
cure for a set number of days, etc.) but sadly there are also some horror
stories out there.

This will probably spark a rather heated debate regarding the benefits and
risks associated with raw milk but I'd rather people be protected.
On Sun, Jun 6, 2010 at 12:11 PM, Dana Kramer-Rolls <danadkr at yahoo.com>wrote:

> I get raw milk, in Northern California, East Bay, Berkeley, at both
> Berkeley
> Bowl and Whole Foods.  For those in my area, I prefer Claravale Farms,
> which
> produces milk from Jersey cows, lovely and rich, much as remember as a
> child, and as a young adult living in Germany.  I trust it implicitly.  So
> far, I have been drinking it, but am making great plans for cheese making.
> Maybe something to age from the curds and ricotta from the whey. Also for
> locals around here, try Saint. Benoit yoghurt, if you don't have a good
> culture or time to make your own. Again, full fat Jersey cow milk, not
> homogenized. Both come in glass returnable bottles. We have a couple of
> organic cheese makers locally, one of whom turns up weekly at the Berkeley
> Farmers' Market, so I guess that is making me lazy.  Perhaps I am just
> exploring tastes.  We also have a wonderful charcuterie at the market, The
> Fattened Calf, where I can try all sorts of wonderful things.  Sausage
> making is another interest of mine. At least I am supporting local farms
> and
> business. You know, if we didn't have massive agri-industry, we wouldn't
> need to be so afraid of our food, but I suspect I am preaching to the
> choir.
> Do any of the Westerners on the list know of a local goat farmer?
> Sir Maythen
> Mists, West
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