[Sca-cooks] Raw Milk

Dana Kramer-Rolls danadkr at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 6 11:11:07 PDT 2010

I get raw milk, in Northern California, East Bay, Berkeley, at both Berkeley
Bowl and Whole Foods.  For those in my area, I prefer Claravale Farms, which
produces milk from Jersey cows, lovely and rich, much as remember as a
child, and as a young adult living in Germany.  I trust it implicitly.  So
far, I have been drinking it, but am making great plans for cheese making.
Maybe something to age from the curds and ricotta from the whey. Also for
locals around here, try Saint. Benoit yoghurt, if you don't have a good
culture or time to make your own. Again, full fat Jersey cow milk, not
homogenized. Both come in glass returnable bottles. We have a couple of
organic cheese makers locally, one of whom turns up weekly at the Berkeley
Farmers' Market, so I guess that is making me lazy.  Perhaps I am just
exploring tastes.  We also have a wonderful charcuterie at the market, The
Fattened Calf, where I can try all sorts of wonderful things.  Sausage
making is another interest of mine. At least I am supporting local farms and
business. You know, if we didn't have massive agri-industry, we wouldn't
need to be so afraid of our food, but I suspect I am preaching to the choir.
Do any of the Westerners on the list know of a local goat farmer?


Sir Maythen

Mists, West

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