[Sca-cooks] 14th century catalan?

Terry Decker t.d.decker at att.net
Sat Jun 12 05:35:22 PDT 2010

> <<< That's helpful. So maybe more a gastronomy work than cookery???
> Johnnae >>>
> Huh? What's the difference between "gastronomy" and "cookery"?
> The first is about food and food items and the later is about food 
> recipes? But are recipes required for something to be a cookbook?
> Stefan

Gastronomy - the art or science of good eating or a style of cooking (i.e. 
the gastronomy of Spain).

Cookery - the art or science of preparing food.

Recipes might be included with either work, but are not necessary for either 
type of work.  Modernly, we tend to expect a cookbook to be a recipe 
collection with additional technical information.

The imprecision of all this is why I tend to distinguish between culinary 
history and historical cooking, which more precisely describe aspects of my 
SCA avocation.


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