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Mark S. Harris MarkSHarris at austin.rr.com
Thu Jun 17 01:15:06 PDT 2010

Eduardo commented:
<<< My big push outside of 15th and 16th Century Italian cooking is cooking for
my family that adheres to the zone principals and our BIG NEW YEARS PARTY.
This year is our 11th. It is for 60 people. Sit down. Usually between 9 and
11 courses. >>>

Wow. Do you rent a hall for this? If not, where do you find the room to seat that many people?
<<< Any fun suggestions for food that masquerades? The definition of masquerade
is wide open at this point. >>>

Sounds like illusion foods.

ill-fd-feast-art (10K) 12/ 8/97 A feast consisting of illusion foods.

illusion-fds-msg (142K) 11/ 7/04 Medieval illusion foods. Disguised food.

Warners-art (32K) 6/29/98 An article on disguised food. by Alizaunde, Demoiselle de Bregeuf.

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