[Sca-cooks] Non-SCA food passions?

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>> Yes, Juana, if I actually get it all done, you can come up
>> to play with/in
>> it.  I don't think the Evil Cynaguan War Dogs would be
>> enough to keep you
>> away (grin).
>> Gwyn
> Hi Gwyn,
> Thanks for the invite. It would be fun to come play. I have lots of pots with feet ... which will be put to use at the Cooks Playdate at West An Tir War.
> I want to make a wood fired oven in my back yard. But, it will be lots of work ... you can see over our three story Edwardian building from the top (main useable) portion of the yard. Removing the current structures and bringing up the building materials will be a ton of work. Then there is the building of the oven and surrounding retaining walls besides. It is just in the thinking and planning stage. Probably no real work on this until after the PPF II.
> Juana Isabella

It just occurred to me- have you checked teh fire/building regs, etc? I 
think you'd fall under the same sort of code as for a permanent BBQ 
setup, but you might want to double check. I'd hate to see you haul all 
of that stuff up and then get a visit from the Fire Marshall...


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