[Sca-cooks] Non-SCA food passions?

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Yes do check your codes.  Here our fire marshall (Bill - yes that's his
name) told me, when I asked if I could build a fire pit, that no I could not
because I could not burn fossil fuels.    When I mentioned that it would be
a wood burning pit he repeated his objection.

If you're scratching your head - join the club.  he also told me I could be
a full bbq pit and run natural gas to it (again, scratch your head).  BUT,
he wanted us to build a chimney that was as tall as the house.  He told me I
could not have a chiminea either.

What it boiled down to was 1.  He doesn't know what the heck he's talking
about, 2.  There is no law/reg against a fire pit, 3. the concern is that
smoke might blow into a house nearby annoying a neighbor, 4.  He doesn't
know what the heck he's talking about.

If they can't site an actual regulation/law I'd just ignore them and do what
you want.  I didn't identify myself when I called and I asked all sorts of
hypothetical questions.  That way he didn't know whose house to drive by.

Good luck.

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>>> Yes, Juana, if I actually get it all done, you can come up
>>> to play with/in
>>> it.  I don't think the Evil Cynaguan War Dogs would be
>>> enough to keep you
>>> away (grin).
>>> Gwyn
>> Hi Gwyn,
>> Thanks for the invite. It would be fun to come play. I have lots of pots
>> with feet ... which will be put to use at the Cooks Playdate at West An Tir
>> War.
>> I want to make a wood fired oven in my back yard. But, it will be lots of
>> work ... you can see over our three story Edwardian building from the top
>> (main useable) portion of the yard. Removing the current structures and
>> bringing up the building materials will be a ton of work. Then there is the
>> building of the oven and surrounding retaining walls besides. It is just in
>> the thinking and planning stage. Probably no real work on this until after
>> the PPF II.
>> Juana Isabella
> It just occurred to me- have you checked teh fire/building regs, etc? I
> think you'd fall under the same sort of code as for a permanent BBQ setup,
> but you might want to double check. I'd hate to see you haul all of that
> stuff up and then get a visit from the Fire Marshall...
> Liutgard
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