[Sca-cooks] Teaching Cooking 101

Michael Gunter dookgunthar at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 17 09:25:23 PDT 2010

Last night as I was getting armored up for fighter practice a young

boy was sent over to me. His family is brand new to the SCA and

he asked me to take him as an apprentice. Um....I don't know this

kid and he obviously doesn't understand the term "apprentice" in the

SCA context. He told me he wanted to learn how to cook. I was a little

taken aback by it and don't really have time to have a stranger come

over to my house to learn cookery. So I told him to look for events

where there are feasts and to contact the cook to see if he can come

in and help. This would be a great place to learn basic food preparation

and get to know the cooking community. He seemed satisified with this

answer and went on.


But that got me to thinking that I want to start doing some "Cooking 101"

classes at things like King's College and Arts Symposiums. Maybe some

cooking weekends. I'd like to teach classes to people who are clueless in

the kitchen. Things like basic knife skills (how to dice vegetables, peeling,

julienne, mince, etc...how to break down a chicken, how to carve..), another

in basic cooking skills like sauteeing, deep frying, braise, etc...

So cooking classes for pople that can't cook. It seems that classes are

usually dedicated in how to do feasts or period dishes or whatever. And 

frequently are directed at people who are interested and experienced in



When the next A&S thing comes up I'll have to put in a class request and

see if there is any interest.


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