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>>> On Thu, 17 Jun 2010, Stefan li Rous wrote:
>>>> Are these shaped like roundish biscuits? Or like "cheese straws"? ie:
>>>> "pipes"?
>>> You've just read the recipe, you tell me. ;-)
>>>> Are you supposed to fry these? Or bake them?
>> I struggled with deciding on choosing the meaning of pipe/tube in a
>> recipe
>> recently.  The recipe for 'strauben' (funnel cakes) in Anna Wecker's
>> cookbook uses the word 'rohren' (pipes/tubes) for the shape that flows
>> from the funnel into the frying pan.  Rohren (or forms of it) are also
>> the
>> word used to distinguish the number of branches on a candlestick or
>> ring.
>> Ultimately I settled on 'pipes'.
>> I'd guess that the recipe might imply to roll out the dough on dry flour
>> (to keep it from sticking to the board) into pipe shapes and then cook
>> it.
>> I also wonder what sort of nuance is present in the word for biscuit -
>> do
>> you have the original untranslated version?  If it is gebacken or a
>> version of it, they can be both fried or baked.
>> Are the recipes preceeding this one available?  I'm finding that there
>> can
>> be a stream of consciousness about preparation method that runs through
>> a
>> series in Anna Wecker's cookbook, but I have never looked at this
>> particular document (can you tell me more about it?)
>> Thanks,
>> Katherine
> Interesting.  Rohr can refer to "reed" or the thin round cane used in
> wickerwork.  Wecker may be referring to the similarity between woven reed
> and the shapes produced by funnel cakes.
> Bear

I'll let the recipe do the talking:

Page 67
Strauben von Mandeln
Mach ein gute dicke Mandelmilch/Klopff Eyer darein/fast Eyer und Milch
gleich/thu ein wenig salz und zucker darein/von wegen des schmalzes/ein
wenig Rosewasser/mach mit Schönem Meel ein straubenteig nicht zu
dünn/bachs wie andere strauben/oder lauter stern/mit ziemlichen
röhrlein/nit zu klein/leges auff ein schönes weißtuch/darnach bestrewe es
wol mit Zucker/sie werden schön unnd gut.  Also magstu süsse Oepffel klein
hacken/und in einen straubenteig thun und mit grossen röhren backen/sind
fast gut.

My attempt at translation:

Almond funnel cakes
Make a good thick almond milk/beat eggs into it/mix the eggs and milk
together/add a bit of salt and sugar into it/from a weight of fat/a bit of
rosewater/make with nice (fine?) flour into a strauben batter not too
thin/bake as for other strauben/or plain stars/with seemly [appropiate
sized] pipes [understood smallish]/not too small/lay on a clean white
cloth/thereon strew well with sugar/they are nice and good.  Also you can
hack sweet apples small/and put in a strauben batter and bake with large
pipes/[they]are quite good.

These actually sound really nummy.  Even if apples are diced small, the
'pipes' still are of a somewhat larger size than a reed.  Welser has a
recipe, I think, for the lauter sternen.  Rontzier says to fry strauben in


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