[Sca-cooks] cheese bread

Terry Decker t.d.decker at att.net
Thu Jun 17 10:43:07 PDT 2010

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>> On Thu, 17 Jun 2010, Stefan li Rous wrote:
>>> Are these shaped like roundish biscuits? Or like "cheese straws"? ie:
>>> "pipes"?
>> You've just read the recipe, you tell me. ;-)
>>> Are you supposed to fry these? Or bake them?
> I struggled with deciding on choosing the meaning of pipe/tube in a recipe
> recently.  The recipe for 'strauben' (funnel cakes) in Anna Wecker's
> cookbook uses the word 'rohren' (pipes/tubes) for the shape that flows
> from the funnel into the frying pan.  Rohren (or forms of it) are also the
> word used to distinguish the number of branches on a candlestick or ring.
> Ultimately I settled on 'pipes'.
> I'd guess that the recipe might imply to roll out the dough on dry flour
> (to keep it from sticking to the board) into pipe shapes and then cook it.
> I also wonder what sort of nuance is present in the word for biscuit - do
> you have the original untranslated version?  If it is gebacken or a
> version of it, they can be both fried or baked.
> Are the recipes preceeding this one available?  I'm finding that there can
> be a stream of consciousness about preparation method that runs through a
> series in Anna Wecker's cookbook, but I have never looked at this
> particular document (can you tell me more about it?)
> Thanks,
> Katherine

Interesting.  Rohr can refer to "reed" or the thin round cane used in 
wickerwork.  Wecker may be referring to the similarity between woven reed 
and the shapes produced by funnel cakes.


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