[Sca-cooks] eating the nuts of prunes

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Fri Jun 18 11:11:56 PDT 2010


She probably didn't know about the form of cyanide in the pit but from the
above article the amygdalin can be cooked out. Also you would have to eat a
lot to (mileage may very)to cause a back reaction.
When I was a kid, there was a peach tree in the back yard. when the fruit
ripened I would eat a peach and the pit.
In China the pit is used for some blood ailments. It is usually dried and
Can cause diarrhea and uterine contractions. May cause your heart to race.
But was it the apple seeds that killed him?


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Years and years ago, my mother would occasionally take cooked prunes (made
for dessert compote), crack them, and eat the kernels.  Never tried it
myself.  And she would only eat a couple of them....


PS  Heard of a man who loved apple seeds.  Saved up a cupful and ate the
entire batch at once.  He's dead, of course.

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