[Sca-cooks] building period kitchen setup

Stefan li Rous StefanliRous at austin.rr.com
Sat Jun 19 23:19:17 PDT 2010

Gwyn mentioned:
<<< Um...well, maybe if I say this out loud, it'll actually happen--local-ish
pressure to get it done and all. I...I...want to make a more period kitchen
set-up for home use, for playing with recipes. There's a space out back of
the garage that's just begging to be made into a nice hearth, with a few
brandreths, a pair of firedogs, a bakestone...and a real spit!...I know a
few artificer-types who I might be able to badger into helping me make some
better tools, and more pots-with-legs...Maybe even a semi-permanent
stone/brick oven, at some point. >>>

Good luck. Please keep us apprised of the progress!

What are "brandreths"?

The bakestones I think I've heard of were flat plates of stone (or stoneware?) placed in an oven to provide an even heat source. When you say "bakestone" which is for outside use and I assume not in a gas oven or on top of a gas range, what do you have in mind?

Just in case it might be of use, here are a couple of Florilegium files on ovens and on spits. These are both in the FOOD-UTENSILS section of the Florilegium.
ovens-msg	(104K)	1/29/08	Medieval ovens.

spits-msg	(26K)	9/19/08 Period and SCA spits for roasting meats.


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