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Sun Jun 20 00:11:37 PDT 2010

Madhavi replied to my comments with:
<<< Flint corn is the corn you grind for cornmeal, as opposed to the kind of
corn you eat straight off the cob. I think it's also called dent corn for
the shape of the kernels. Um, maybe that's a local colloquialism? >>>

Does this mean you can't grind "sweet" corn into cornmeal? Or that you can do that with all corn varieties, you just can't eat "dent" corn off the cob after boiling it?
<<< Re: kimchi

I do not see naysayers, only future converts. *grin* >>>

In case some people couldn't tell, I was joking. We've had quite a number of arguments/discussions here over what constitutes food and what doesn't. Some like hot, spicy foods, others don't. Some like fish. Some don't. We've argued about whether any barbecue not from Texas is really, truly barbecue and where the best pizza comes from. (Chicago or New York). Some eat canned ravioli. Some don't. So, yes. Each to what they like. I have also tried things suggested on this list, which I wouldn't have eaten otherwise.

I've had some restaurant kimchi that was edible. But my first experience with kimchi was that one of the technicians where I worked had a Korean wife and for our Christmas holiday group dinners he would always bring in kimchi. Very, very fragrant kimchi. Smelled like something that had been dead quite some time, but not enough. To top this off, our holiday dinners were held in a somewhat cramped, airless, conference room.

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