[Sca-cooks] Pennsic classes and travel

Stefan li Rous StefanliRous at austin.rr.com
Sun Jun 20 22:28:41 PDT 2010

Alizaundre de Brebeuf replied to me with:
S> Will you have handout? Would they be good additions to the Florilegium? :-) <<

A> Well, if I get them written... <<

Please keep it in mind. For that matter, I've been to at least one of your classes at Pennsic. So if you have handouts from any other classes, I'd certainly be interested in considering them as well.
S> I was hoping I might make it to Pennsic, the job market is
suddenly looking a little better. But time was getting short
and now the pre-registration deadline has passed. <<

A> Hey, it's only twenty dollars different. :-} <<

If I get to go, it will be because I get a job soon and managed to accumulate some money. At that point, that $20 sort of disappears compared to the cost of having to fly up there. If I get a contract job, then I could probably get off, but wouldn't get paid for those one or two weeks. If I get a regular, salaried job, I'd be a bit concerned about taking off on vacation so soon. In 2006 I started a new job on July 5, so didn't go to Pennsic that year for that reason. Didn't make a lot of difference though because the company still cancelled the project they hired me for and laid off the engineers involved, nine months later.

The biggest problem is probably camping on my own. I've depended upon my household (SPCA) for tent and bedding and such before when I've flown in. And they're pretty small these days, so probably don't have the land to spare. If you camp by yourself, you have to also bring the needed cooking gear and spend time cooking and cleaning for one. bah. Or eat in the food court. Which is what I did for Pennsic 27, but that was pricey then and all the venders have gone up more since then.  Still, for those wondering, it is possible to fly into Pennsic. I have a file on traveling to SCA events by train. I need to collect the bits of info I have, from messages and personal experience, and create a flying to Pennsic/SCA events sometime.

If you are stilling staying in your merchant booth, you have *prime* real-estate! And don't have to haul a tent in. Although you do have to put your building together. At least I think I helped you put it up or take it down one year.


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