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It's my understanding that the culinary purpose of Saba is it's unique flavor, rather like the use of verjuice, although the flavor is different. I'm not sure how to describe it as I could say it's "like" a few different things, but it wouldn't capture it. If you've never had an Italian dish flavored with Saba, I'd _highly_ recommend the experience. One of the Scappi recipes for greens was so delicious that even all the kids in camp hoovered it! You know it's good when you've got 4-12 year olds asking for more green veggies! 

I haven't had a chance to peek at Eduardo's posting, but if he didn't post the link for last year's July Coronation dinner where there was at least one dish with Saba, here it is: http://www.vastrepast.net/Davids_Site/Old_Food/Entries/2009/7/22_July_Coronation_Dinner.html

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> Eduardo said:
> <<< I have achieved Saba!
> So I stopped at the wine store.
> Purchased 10 Liters of Chianti juice concentrate.
> >>>
> Was this a store selling wine? Or a store selling
> wine-making supplies?
> I'm assuming that both this Chianti juice concentrate and
> the resulting saba and the period saba, are all alcohol
> free, since they haven't fermented, correct?
> I'm also imagining that one of the reasons to concentrate
> the juice was to keep it from fermenting. One of the few
> ways they probably had to keep a fruit juice from
> fermenting.
> Is there any evidence of them concentrating other fruit
> juices in period to preserve them? It sounds like you could
> concentrate something like apple juice during the harvest
> time and then add water later and you would have fresh juice
> out of season. But I guess the catch might be getting good,
> clean water to reconstitute the juice concentrate with.
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