[Sca-cooks] What to do with whey?

Gaylin Walli gaylinwalli at gmail.com
Mon Jun 21 09:50:17 PDT 2010

Bear wrote:

>Try making ricotta, which is made from whey left over from making some of
>harder cheeses.  I don't know if it will work with the whey left over from
>but it's worth a shot.

I can confirm it most definitely works. I make ricotta when I've gathered up
enough whey after my bi-weekly yogurt making sessions. I use a gallon of
milk to make yogurt for my family. The amount of ricotta produced from the
whey from 1 gallon of milk after yogurt making is very small, however. You
have to save up the whey and freeze it until you have enough to make it
worth your while.

Another use I've taken advantage of is to include the whey as a replacement
for part of the liquid in bread making.


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