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elderberries/ flowers

reading the german, I first have to find out what my mail program means with 
all the ? as the characters do not come out right. But that aside, zwieback 
or at least dried white bread as used for breadcrumb in breading would be 
what I understand here. This and the gingerbread is used as thickening 
agent, if you cook that it would make a very thick spread.

btw a very tasty *modern or not so modern, if you search long enough* recipe 
is to take the flowerheads with just opened flowers, do not wash but only 
shake them very well to get rid of any crawlies, then make  a thin wine/beer 
or water dough, dip them in the dough and fry in hot oil. serve dusted with 
sugar or if you do not have a sweet tooth you can even serve it with salad.


After vacation and a modem crashtrieng to catch up

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>> When I was a kid, my family used to make jelly with them...
>> Devra
> This is my translation of an elderberry recipe in Kuchenmaisterey of 1529:
> It's found in book one, chapter 47
> Das xlvii. Capitel.
> `Item ein ander holdermu? von beren / Nym die holderber / wasch
> sie sch?n / nym dann wey? gebeets brot / sto?  die ber und das brot mit
> guttem wein oder h?nerbr? / thu geri?nen leckuchen oder h?nig dar-
> zu / machs ab mit w?rzen / treyb es durch ein tuch in einen hafen oder
> in ein pfannen. la? wallen und see w?rtz darauff.
> Item wilt du machen ein mu? von mu?bieren / So thu inen also
> den holderberen.
> The XLVII Chapter
> Item another elderberry sauce [mush] from berries.  Take the elderberries
> / wash
> them well [care implied] / take then white dried out bread / grind the
> berries and the bread with
> good wine or chicken stock / do [add] grated lebkuchen or honey there-
> to / make up with spices / force it through a cloth in a pot or
> in a pan ? let boil and sow [strew] spices thereon.
> Item ? [if] you want to make a sauce [mush] from cranberries
> [lingon/cow/fox berries]/ So do to them as for the elderberries.
> The word gebeets can also mean toasted, but I haven't read enough of this
> book to specify which treatment the author might mean.  Here I suspect
> since the word white is specified that dried may be the desired ingredient
> specification.  Lebkuchen/leckuchen is a spice cake that is sweetened with
> honey and a mixture of spices.  It could be double baked (zweiback) for
> dryness and one sees grated lebkuchen called out in recipes fairly often.
> It seems to me that these recipes would make the Scandinavian type berry
> soups or perhaps a jelly depending on the amount of pectin in the fruit?
> I note that my Penguin Companion to Food says that elderberries need extra
> pectin to set into a jelly and are often mixed with apples or crabapples
> for that purpose.
> The preceding recipeto this one is for egg dough noodles boiled in milk
> prepared with elderberry flowers, then salted and enriched with butter
> fat. That sounds good to me.
> Thank you for the opportunity to learn more about elderberries and the
> flowers.  I was curious when I translated them in a couple of indices.
> Katherine
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