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Wed Jun 23 15:43:58 PDT 2010

> elderberries/ flowers
> reading the german, I first have to find out what my mail program means
> with
> all the ? as the characters do not come out right.

That's why I hate yahoo digest version!  At any rate, I'll transcribe it
without the diacritical marks if you want.

But that aside,
> zwieback
> or at least dried white bread as used for breadcrumb in breading would be
> what I understand here. This and the gingerbread is used as thickening
> agent, if you cook that it would make a very thick spread.

Anna Wecker describes breadcrumbs both dried out or toasted for their
color.  I just need to read more of this author to understand what he
means by the word.  My inclination would be that it is white so not to
interfere with the color of the mush.  The leckuchen from the 16th century
recipes I have tried are definitely dark brown, and the spices too, so
perhaps the color of the white breadcrumbs is immaterial to the final

I've always wondered how thick fruit juices would get with the breadcrumb
addition and strained through a cloth.  I think I'll try it with some
cherries and the similar cherry mush recipe and see what happens :)

> btw a very tasty *modern or not so modern, if you search long enough*
> recipe
> is to take the flowerheads with just opened flowers, do not wash but only
> shake them very well to get rid of any crawlies, then make  a thin
> wine/beer
> or water dough, dip them in the dough and fry in hot oil. serve dusted
> with
> sugar or if you do not have a sweet tooth you can even serve it with
> salad.

Oh ho, I think I have seen something like this recipe in one of the period
German cookbooks.  I am sadly in need of a master index (which is
something I'm working on!)


> Katharina
> After vacation and a modem crashtrieng to catch up

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