[Sca-cooks] elderberries

Terry Decker t.d.decker at att.net
Wed Jun 23 16:03:33 PDT 2010

> Anna Wecker describes breadcrumbs both dried out or toasted for their
> color.  I just need to read more of this author to understand what he
> means by the word.  My inclination would be that it is white so not to
> interfere with the color of the mush.  The leckuchen from the 16th century
> recipes I have tried are definitely dark brown, and the spices too, so
> perhaps the color of the white breadcrumbs is immaterial to the final
> prep.
> I've always wondered how thick fruit juices would get with the breadcrumb
> addition and strained through a cloth.  I think I'll try it with some
> cherries and the similar cherry mush recipe and see what happens :)
> Katherine

Having added breadcrumbs and spices to strawberry mush while I cooked it (a 
Rumpolt recipe, IIRC) I can say it will turn into a thick sauce or a 
semi-solid pudding.  To make a really smooth dish, the bread crumbs need to 
be crushed very fine and the mass needs to be pushed through a fine sieve. 
I haven't tried cooking it a little after the sieving, but it might produce 
a stiffer pudding.


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