[Sca-cooks] siege cooking ingredient ideas sought

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The format that I've seen Fiamma using lately and I've enjoyed the most out of all my years of playing with siege cooking is giving them a specific historical recipe, and letting them pick the ingredients needed (which you would have brought) and give them a couple of hours to cook it and bring it back. You can have two levels of dificulty, e.g. a more complex main dish and a sauce, and have the advanced entrants cook either the more complex, or both. I've also enjoyed that all the entrants come back with their entries and entry forms to be judged all together so they all get a chance to see & taste how others interpreted the same recipe, and get one vote for each catergory. 

I think this helps teach them more about historical cooking, demistifies the redaction process and makes it  much easier from a judging standpoint.  

So the long answer to a short question is that I love picking a recipe and letting that determine the needed ingredients. :) 

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> Respected friends:
>      Once again, I prepare for Maison
> Rive's annual Pennsic siege cooking contest. This year, in
> addition to the usual request for judges and participants,
> I've finally realized I need to pick your collective
> brains...
>      Where-and when-ever your
> persona/specialty/cookbook collection is from, what would
> you give out for the ten items provided in a siege cooking
> ingredient bag? (The contestants provide salt and
> herbs/spices.)
> I've always included a protein, a fat, a starch, a sweet, a
> sour, a vegetable and a fruit. The rest can get pretty
> whimsical.
>      Another version: the available
> foods would be quite different for a battlefield meal, since
> the scouts can buy (or steal) fresh items. What would you
> include in that bag?
> Yours in service to both the Societies of which I am a
> member-
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