[Sca-cooks] miniature grapes

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Sun Jun 27 17:50:12 PDT 2010

Stefan li Rous wrote:
>Dame Selene said:
>>My local Persian market is selling unripe grapes in the produce section
>>this week.  I don't expect them to last long!  They look like little
>>green peas on bunchy grape stems.  Happily, they also sell bottled
>>verjus all year round.
>Did you taste any of these grapes? Were they sour tasting?
>The reason I ask was that a year or two ago, I saw in my local 
>grocery what looked like small bunches of miniature, green table 
>grapes and bought some. I don't remember these as tasting that much 
>different than the green, table grapes. I don't remember them 
>tasting very sour. I just figured they were a miniature variety.
>Unfortunately, I've not seen them for sale since then, nor do I 
>remember what time of year they were being sold.

The little grapes you got were probably Corinth grapes, from which 
SCA period raisins of Corinth, aka dried currants, are made. I 
remember that Costco was selling them a few years ago.

The redoubtable Berkeley Bowl is selling sour green grapes at the 
moment... or at least it was a week ago.
Someone sometimes called Urtatim

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