[Sca-cooks] Looking for help in Fla

Terry Decker t.d.decker at att.net
Tue Jun 29 19:32:16 PDT 2010

BP turned down the offer of the Nanuq because of the sailing time from 
Seward to the Gulf (I think the vessel may be too large to pass through the 
Panama Canal and would need to sail around the Horn).  They have purchased 
an Ocean Buster skimmer that is part of the Nanuq's gear and is freighting 
it to the Gulf for installation on another vessel there.

Currently, Norwegian skimmers are working in the Gulf.  Dutch engineers are 
consulting on the clean up, but Dutch skimmers are experienced only on 
smaller spills and have not been deployed yet.  They are among 15 countries 
who have offered assistance (most on "an at cost" basis).  The help has not 
been refused, but is being co-ordinated and deployed by the U.S. govenment 
on a government to government agreement.  Mexico is actively involved in the 
skimming and has provided its assistance gratis, but then, it has 
considerable interest in solving the problem.  I expect in the long run, we 
will see more foreign skimmers.

There has been some mention of the Jones Act being in the way.  This act 
limits the use of foreign crews inside three miles of the U.S. Coast and, 
IIRC, requires ships with foreign crews to make a non-US port of call 
between dockings in the US.  The administration is in the process of getting 
a legal waiver of the Act for this emergency, but it really doesn't effect 
efforts on the high seas.


>I just heard that BP has turned down Shells offer for the use of their huge 
>skimmer stationed in Alaska. They have also turned down the Dutch's offer 
>for help too. Why?
> Aelina

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