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Johnna Holloway johnnae at mac.com
Tue Aug 2 03:32:29 PDT 2011

People should be aware that TI now has strict limits on quoting text.
So strict in fact that they do not care if the material being quoted  
is out of copyright and has been for centuries.
It is no longer possible in fact to do a recipe survey article for TI  
where one
quotes actual pre-1700 recipes in full because you'll exceed the  
(You  can no longer take a class of recipes and trace for instance how  
the recipe changes over the centuries.)

"Articles	cannot	be	comprised	of	more	than	15%	(10%	is	preferred)	of	 
quoted	material	from	all
sources	combined."

In terms of medieval or the longer more detailed later recipes like  
Scappi, you might be able to quote one original recipe and one recipe  
A 2400 word article places a limit of 240 words on quoted text. For  
Scappi, that's often one recipe.

You'll run into the same problems with modern  recipes if they are  
sourced from a modern cookbook or
the web.


On Aug 2, 2011, at 3:51 AM, Ian Kusz wrote:

> So, if anyone likes/wants, I can collect some of their favorite  
> taste-good,
> appeal-to-moderns, camp-capable recipes and submit them as a group  
> to TI.
> snipped
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>> From: "Ian Kusz" sprucebranch at gmail.com
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>> Subject: Tournaments Illuminated suggestion
>> Would like to see recipes; two categories:  actual medieval recipes  
>> (with
>> modern measuring units) that are tastiest, and some of those same  
>> recipes
>> that are good for campouts.  The SCA-Cooks list would probably love  
>> to
>> contribute.
>> Just seen too many awful-tasting feasts.  And there is some  
>> medieval food
>> that appeals to modern palates.
>> --
>> Ian of Oertha

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