[Sca-cooks] Eat Capers to go Directly to Heaven

Suey lordhunt at gmail.com
Tue Aug 2 15:20:40 PDT 2011

Patricia Duham wrote:
> another way might be??? to do your extraction over a large bowl to catch any liquid, which could then be returned to the annoying bottle with a funnel...? this is just my alleged "common sense" reaction, I've never used capers in anything, that I can recall, 8-)
> chimene
Who in heavens name wants to wash a large bowl and a funnel if they 
don't have to or don't you have a carrot scraper? If that were my case, 
which it is my son's, I would pour the liquid into a bigger jar and then 
the left over capers into that and refrigerate it.
As for not having used capers for anything shows you have not minded my 
which states:
‘After curds, eat capers, and you will go directly to heaven.’
My blog is under a lot of construction and reconstruction of late. 
Principally, I am adding a lot of recipes and or culinary uses for the 
food item explained in each blog. This week the carrot scraper will be 
added to "Alcaparras"/Capers along with more ideas for adding for them 
to gourmet dishes.
Your comments are must welcome. Please check my blog everyday of the 
work week for my latest publication!

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