[Sca-cooks] OT, OOP Since it is Pennsic I have a totally off-topic rant

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Sat Aug 6 23:00:43 PDT 2011

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(snip) I've always heard that if the description of the risotto doesn't
mention it takes 20 minutes then you shouldn't order it.
(The best I've had while dining out of late was a restaurant on the
Upper East Side in NYC. Risotto one night and polenta the next. That's
the other dish that gets messed up.)
   discusses how it can be held in a restaurant.

I think the risotto scam is in part the fault of Gordon Ramsay and his
menu on Hell's Kitchen. What are those would be chefs making every
single week? They are in there stirring up risotto and being screamed
at. One doesn't even need to subscribe to cable to see Ramsay. He's on


My SO watches Hell's Kitchen and I tend to watch it from time to time. I
have never had risotto and have always wondered what the big deal is and why
as an appetizer. It looks like green cream of rice soup on the show. So what
is so special about risotto compared to other rice dishes?
Also, I have noticed on Chef Ramsey's other show with the restaurant
makeovers that the new menu is not much different from Hell's kitchen menu.
Nine times out of ten he has the risotto.


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