[Sca-cooks] camp cooking suggestions and tips

Haraldr Bassi sca-cooks-l at drakkar.org
Tue Aug 30 12:26:37 PDT 2011

Hello Cailte,

One of the biggest benefits of the boil bag method, aside from the benefit of cooking in your 
main kitchen instead of in the field, is that the same water you use to heat your boil bags is 
the water you can use after the meal for what little cleanup is needed. We've also had times 
where we had enough water to handle cleanup and a couple showers. Propane is really only a 
solution where you can't get a regular wood fire due to local conditions.


On 8/29/11 11:58 AM, Kathleen Roberts wrote:
> hey johnnae... you took my suggestions!  living here in fire-restriction central, i have been altering my cooking styles quite a bit while camping.  especially get as much precooked as you can, and use as few pots and utensils as you can get away with for the meal.   heating hot water for dishes uses up propane.
> no matter how nice the weather is, always bring something boxed or canned you can make soup out of in a pinch.  i find canned roast beef, canned diced potatoes and frozen mixed veg (and a little love) do very well.  and if it doesn't get rainy/cold, your fighter friends can used the bagged frozen veggies as cold packs for owies.
> never leave the whiskey at home... see above cold weather reference.  god bless toddies.
> cailte
>>>> Johnna Holloway<johnnae at mac.com>  8/29/2011 10:46 AM>>>
> I'd emphasize that everyone should check on the fire conditions
> and follow the rules before starting any campfire.
> If using propane, always check your tanks and bring an extra if someone
> is planning on doing extended cooking.

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