[Sca-cooks] Freezing tarts.

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Tue Aug 30 13:32:56 PDT 2011

There probably isn't a good way to completely keep them from getting soggy on the bottoms, but it may not be a big deal.  Test run?  I know Grandma used to freeze unbaked pies and just bake them later.  But that's probably not an option or you'd just bake them on site.  
I DO vaguely remember her doing some pot pies, blind baking the crust some, then buttering it before pouring in the filling and freezing them....

(I do have to say, the subject line above gave me pause for a moment.  Until the "SCA-cooks" bit sunk in, I was trying to work out who was discussing Ladies of Negotiable Virtue in Sub-Arctic weather, and why)

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> Subject: [Sca-cooks] Freezing tarts.
> For this vigil buffet I'll have no cooking facilities on the site so I was wondering if I could
> simply freeze and defrost the daryoles and mushroom tarts. I think it should work fine
> but don't know if I'd need to reheat or just defrost. I worry about them being a bit soggy
> but I just can't cook everything fresh on a campsite. 
> I plan on making the pork pies and freezing them but then defrosting and baking them the
> day before. I might do this with the daryoles and mushrooms but I don't think the uncooked
> tarts will freeze well. 
> Since everything will be bite sized there probably won't be too many problems.
> Also, anyone have a good recipe for sekanjubin? I really hate the stuff so haven't worked out
> a good recipe. 
> Thanks! 
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