[Sca-cooks] Freezing tarts.

Haraldr Bassi sca-cooks-l at drakkar.org
Tue Aug 30 12:20:08 PDT 2011

Hi Gunthar,

I served Daryols and various tarts (including mushroom/cheese) at the King's College I cooked a 
few years back in Bjornsborg. I had expected to need to heat the tarts to serve, but found that 
they warmed up just fine at room temperature and were plenty yummy. I freeze them in lightweight 
plastic containers and use wax paper sheets between layers. I've placed the containers out in 
the sun as necessary to warm them up in the event they were still cold in the morning.

Oksana and I have served Daryols many many times over the years and most recently they were 
always pre-cooked and frozen and served at room temperature. The only issue I've ever had was 
certain doughs will crumble rather than freeze well. But, choose a good dough base and that 
problem went away.

As for sekanjabin, I've made it many many times in the past. The basic recipe is what is 
commonly referred to as Cariadoc's redaction as found in his Miscellany, with some minor tweaks 
by Thora Sharptooth and ourselves. Oksana has it on her wiki: 

I don't know whether I've killed my fresh mint out in the garden, but even if it is dead I can 
locate some fresh mint. If you'd like, I can take care of the mint and ginger sekanjabin drink 
syrups for the vigil.

Haraldr Bassi

On 8/30/11 10:17 AM, Michael Gunter wrote:
> For this vigil buffet I'll have no cooking facilities on the site so I was wondering if I could
> simply freeze and defrost the daryoles and mushroom tarts. I think it should work fine
> but don't know if I'd need to reheat or just defrost. I worry about them being a bit soggy
> but I just can't cook everything fresh on a campsite.
> I plan on making the pork pies and freezing them but then defrosting and baking them the
> day before. I might do this with the daryoles and mushrooms but I don't think the uncooked
> tarts will freeze well.
> Since everything will be bite sized there probably won't be too many problems.
> Also, anyone have a good recipe for sekanjubin? I really hate the stuff so haven't worked out
> a good recipe.
> Thanks!
> Gunthar 		 	   		
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