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Lady Caitriona Russell asked:
<<< I'm looking for help with a source or recipe for Murri.>>>

See this file in the FOOD-CONDIMENTS section of the Florilegium. It  
also critiques various substitutes.
murri-msg         (44K)  2/14/08  Rotted barley paste condiment of  

<<< The Barony of Aquaterra will be hosting Ursalmas in January. We  
will be having a feast after the main action Saturday night and the  
Lady in charge of the feast has been convinced to use soy sauce  
instead of Murri. (Also, she's also replacing Saffron with Turmeric  
because "Saffron if the most expensive spice in the world." We'll work  
on that.) We have 5 months to come up with something so, please, any  
help would be greatly appreciated. >>>

Yes, saffron can be expensive, but you usually don't need much.  
Turmeric will add color, but no taste.

Do not buy saffron from the grocery store. The prices are high and the  
quality is poor.
In the PLANTS, HERBS AND SPICES section of the Florilegium:

saffron-art       (16K)  8/11/97  How to buy and select saffron by  
Tony Hill.

saffron-msg       (76K)  1/ 8/08  Types of saffron. period uses.


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