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Its a funny conversation in Iceland when trying to describe skyr. Its not ice cream, but can be served frozen with fruit. But its not traditional yogurt either because its so thick. It was once described to me as soft cheese but has the consistency of thick yogurt. Its skyr. 
An interesting fact about skyr is that it is started with skim milk making it naturally low fat. Skyr is still traditionally made in Iceland and there are family recipes that are generations old. It is recorded that skyr was made in Norway, Sweden and in Denmark but there aren't any surviving recipes.
Jo's Icelandic recipe blog has one skyr recipe. I still owe the list my translated version I found in a farmhouse south of Husivik.  
When I was in Iceland my favorite way to eat skyr was with sweet cream and fruit. When I was pregnant with my son I craved the frozen version. Partly because it extinguished the heartburn. 
Bless Bless
Aelina Vesterlundr

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Siggi's - skyr.com/  is being sold in grocery stores now.  I bought it here
in Atlanta at my local Kroger, so it is quite possible you could find it
there.  I disagree about it being a thinner type of yogurt though, it is
much thicker!  

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