[Sca-cooks] Memorable Medieval Special Christmas Menu - Anchovies

Suey lordhunt at gmail.com
Sat Dec 17 09:10:56 PST 2011

Stefan li Rous wrote "In the HORS D'?UVRE section you said: <<< 
Anchovies in Vinegar, Recipe by mrsamper, see anchoas >>> "Where would I 
see anchoas? I tried plugging "anchoas" into the 'search this blog' 
window, but it simple re-directs me back to this same page." Thank you 
very much for pointing that out. I have advised my "computer magician" 
in hopes that he can straightened that out this week-end. In the 
meantime the words are in alphabetical order going backwards so as 
"anchoa" was published in September 2011 you can find it there. "The 
only anchovies I've ever seen have been the ones in the can." I have 
changed mrsampers ingredients to read "fresh anchovies" which 
fishmongers carry in Spain and in Chile.

Shoshanah wrote:

"Whole Foods might have them. Look for 'white anchovies'".

No, mrsamper clearly states in preparation: "Refrigerate covered until they begin to change color becoming white."



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