[Sca-cooks] "Drunken Figs"

Suey lordhunt at gmail.com
Sat Dec 17 09:20:49 PST 2011

Stephen wrote
> "I also like the "Drunken Figs" recipe. Have I mentioned how much I 
> like the photographs? They add a lot that I can't offer in the 
> Florilegium recipes. But the recipe calls for dried figs, while the 
> ones in the photograph look like fresh figs. Is this correct?"

Right you are. I was so excited finding that photo I did not think of the difference between fresh and dried figs. Going back to Nola, I see he does not specify so I have removed the word "dried" from my adaption of his recipe. It does make sense to use fresh figs for Christmas as they should still be on hand in the Northern Hemisphere.

> "Maybe its because I've never seen green, dried figs here.  All the
> ones I've seen tend to be dark in color and wrinkled. Even when I've
> boiled them in wine, they don't see to plump out like the ones in the
> photograph."
In Chile, in particular, it seems like everyone who owns a garden has a fig tree so every fall all our friends are making jams and pudding etc. There are two colors of figs the "white" or green as you call them and the darker ones.

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