[Sca-cooks] Looking for a "gluten-free, plant-based (no animal protein or fat) and low/no fat" recipe ideas

otsisto otsisto at socket.net
Mon Dec 19 19:31:05 PST 2011

Along the rice theme, saffron (or safflower) rice with whatever veggies you
desire and almond slices. Chicken and white fish go well with this.


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How about a tabbouleh with a gluten free grain instead of bulgar wheat?  You
could go easy on the olive oil, and it would suit the description to a T.

Or, there's always rice -- rice plain, rice flavored, rice salad, sushi rice

applemous thicked with rice and almond flour .

toodles, margaret
(waiting for the coffee to kick in)
Stefan wrote:
> We got a request from my sister-in-law for an early Christmas
> gathering and she asked for:
> "please make something that is gluten-free, plant-based (no animal
> protein or fat) and low/no fat to share"

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