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I have read the 2nd one and very much enjoyed it, especially the role their standard poodle plays in it.  I did not know there were 3 more books, and will be looking for them!  

Good mystery, and keeps you guessing prety much up to the end, just like Murder at the war.

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Devra said:
<<< For all those who have asked me about the sequels to MURDER AT THE WAR, Joan Verba (the publisher) wrote: I also contracted for the ebook rights to Mary Monica Pulver's mystery novels. To date, Original Sin and The Unforgiving Minutes are availabe on Smashwords and Kindle. Show Stopper and Ashes to Ashes are forthcoming.
Information on all of these novels can be found at http://ftlpublications.com/ >>>

I've read "Murder at the War" and enjoyed it. Mostly because of the SCA tie-in. From what I remember, mostly from comments years ago, was that the succeeding books in the series have less and less connection with the SCA, especially as the series proceeds.

Since murder mysteries never have been one of my favorite types of fiction, I've not read any others.  So would anyone like to comment or review any of the rest of these series.


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