[Sca-cooks] Salted Lemons, was More loot and a question

Sharon Palmer ranvaig at columbus.rr.com
Wed Dec 28 08:19:19 PST 2011

>A mundane question, how do you use preserved lemons? I knew the preserved
>lemons with sugar, to be used, par example, in the Moroccan tagines, but I
>don't have a clue how to used salted lemons.

Rumpolt has a number of recipes for salted lemons, here is one:

Ochsen 70. 70.  Chop beef from the ribs/ that is for braising/ to 
pieces/ set it to (the fire) with water/ and skim it clean/ if it is 
fatty/ then skim it off/ and glaze a cabbage (or herbs?) in it (in 
the skimmed fat)/ and when it is half cooked/ then take it out from 
the broth into a water/ and clean it off/ put it in a clean dish/ and 
pour the broth through a hair cloth/ put browned flour into it/ and a 
little vinegar/ take ground ginger/ whole pepper/ unclarified fresh 
butter/ and salted lemons in it/ Pierce the lemon with a skewer/ and 
put it in the kettle/ and when you nearly will dress it/ then chop 
green well tasting herbs into it/ let it simmer a little with fresh 
butter/ take the lemon out/ and throw small chopped parsley over it/ 
like this it is white and elegant.


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