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The way I make them is to wash the lemons (meyer preferred but any will do)
and then cut them almost all the way through from stem to point into 4
quarters.  Rub them with salt (any salt although I tend to use kosher or
pickling) and put them in a jar (I use a mason jar) - jam as many as you
can into the jar - the juice extracted should cover the lemons or add
additional juice.  Close the jar and wait.  In a day or two open the jar
and you'll probably be able to add a few more lemons.  At this point if the
juice runs out - that's okay as long as there is enough to cover the
lemons).  Recap and leave it for a couple of weeks.

We've left it on the counter at this point.  Unless you live in a hot
climate.  We did not seal the jar as you would with canning because all the
salt acts as a preservative.  Once we open the jar to use we stick it in
the fridge.

We use it in tagine cooking mostly - our favorite is chicken with olives
and preserved lemons.  Wonderful over cous cous.  We always rinse (even
soaking them in water for a little while) the lemons before using them
because otherwise they are too salty.  I'm sure you can use it in any dish
that you want to enhance with lemony goodness.


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> Shoshanah said:
> <<< Since I learned how easy it is to make preserved lemons we always have
> a
> jar in the refrigerator.  I use meyer lemons when I can get them.  I'm not
> going to pay $12.00 for 2 preserved lemons at the fancy store! >>>
> I had imagined these as being dried, but it sounds more like these are
> actually brined or pickled. since they don't dry out completely.
> I believe we've talked about some Middle Eastern dishes previously these
> are used in, but what do you do with them?
> I think there is some more info on these in this Florilegium file, or are
> we speaking of something else?
> presrvd-lemons-msg(45K) 10/29/11 Dried, pickled and salted preserved
> lemons.
> http://www.florilegium.org/**files/FOOD-FRUITS/presrvd-**lemons-msg.html<http://www.florilegium.org/files/FOOD-FRUITS/presrvd-lemons-msg.html>
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