[Sca-cooks] Congratulations Baroness Helewyse!

Stefan li Rous StefanliRous at austin.rr.com
Mon Jul 4 21:14:25 PDT 2011

Mistress Helewyse mentioned:
<<< I will be having a reception at Pennsic.  I already
have Runestone hill booked on Monday night of War week from 6pm until  
dawn. >>>

The whole Runestone hill? That's a lot of campers, even if they have  
to allow extra area for when they slide out of their tents. :-) How  
did you convince them to vacate the area for the night?

Congratulations Helewyse, even if I probably am not going to make  
Pennsic this year. :-( No reservation and no work, means no money. :- 
( It's awfully long walk, and while at least one individual has walked  
to Pennsic, not from Ansteorra.

I have some of your articles in the Florilegium, but would welcome more.

If I ever got a peerage, I guess I'd like to do something like your  
reception at Pennsic or Gulf Wars, since my biggest fans seem to be  
from outside my kingdom. :-)
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