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Stefan li Rous StefanliRous at austin.rr.com
Mon Jul 4 21:30:18 PDT 2011

Liutgard said:
<<< Katrine, those actually sort of _are_ breadsticks. They called them
sops, and were the fancier version of the bit of bread you wipe the last
of the soup up with. Henisch talks about them in _Fast and Feast_, but
my copy is buried here somewhere in the pre-war packing mess and I'm not
going to dig through the pile to find it. For all I know Jimmy Hoffa is
in there. >>>

We've talked about sops previously, but not lately.

Taking a quick glance through this file, I'm not seeing any indication  
of individually baked sops, when something is said they seem to be  
about "slices" of bread, sometimes toasted, and not entire, small  
rolls or buns, which these seem to be. I've got _Fast and Feast_ but  
haven't tried to look through it for this.

Anyone have pointers to, preferably, period documents that imply a  
whole roll or breadstick rather than a slice of bread for sops?

There is some discussion about the type of bread used, I'm not sure  
this is from period evidence or just modern supposition.
sops-msg (41K) 5/ 4/10 Slices of bread soaked in a sauce.

So more info would be welcome.


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