[Sca-cooks] A good source? was "period spice containers/storage"

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Wed Jul 6 07:22:13 PDT 2011

I haven't read the book, but it disturbs me a bit to see the only
citation in a quote from a tertiary source being another tertiary

Unless Schivelbusch refers to a primary source for such use of a "spice
platter", or unless you can find a primary or secondary source that
confirms Schivelbusch's assertion, then it should be treated as

- Doc

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> Date: Wed, July 06, 2011 4:12 am
> I did find the source again where they talked about passing a "spice  
> platter" around the table for guests to add more spices to their already  
> prepared meals.  I believe some folks corrected that information saying  that it 
> was not for putting on food but came in forms of sugar treats or what  not.
> Here is the source and the excerpt that I was referring to.
> ******************************************************************
> Spices, or the Dawn of the Modern Age 
> from Tastes of Paradise: A Social History of Spices,  Stimulants, and 
> Intoxicants
> by Wolfgang Schivelbusch
> published by  Vintage Books, A Division of Random House ISBN  0-679-74438-X
> "At especially refined tables spices became emancipated altogether from the 
>  prepared food. They were passed around on a gold or silver tray- the spice 
>  platter-during the meal or just after it. This platter was divided into 
> various  compartments, each of which held a specific spice. Guests helped 
> themselves,  adding spices as desired to the already seasoned dish, or they used 
> the tray as  a cheese or dessert platter. They consumed pepper, cinnamon, 
> and nutmeg as we  nowadays might partake of a delicacy, a glass of sherry, or 
> a cup of  coffee."
> _http://www.theepicentre.com/Spices/excerpt2.html_ 
> (http://www.theepicentre.com/Spices/excerpt2.html) 
> ******************************************************************
> I would very much appreciate knowing if this is not a good source for my  
> A&S project.  
> Thank you to all who offer their input.
> YIS,
> ~Aine of Wyewood
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