[Sca-cooks] Yes It's Period and BBQ-Picnic-Potluck Feast Ideas

Laura C. Minnick lcm at jeffnet.org
Tue Jul 12 23:28:37 PDT 2011

On 7/12/2011 11:26 PM, Laura C. Minnick wrote:
>>> Idea 2: When you first started getting interested in cooking, what 
>>> were the
>>> dishes where you boggled, thinking "WOW! I've been making that dish
>>> *forever*. It's documentably period? Awesome!"
>>> It's been interesting to see people's reactions in local, private
>>> conversations and I'd love to hear people's conversations on them 
>>> here too.
>>> Iasmin
> Black-eyed peas. They turn up in the Carolingian Capitularies, as do 
> salt pork and a variety of greens. The transplanted southerners are 
> happy about that. Lentils too- and I've been cooking lentils with 
> onion and bits of carrots and some chicken broth and a bit of wine, 
> and adding cumin- a lot of it- and some grains of paradise. Sharpen it 
> a tiny bit with verjus or vinegar, and you have something a lot like 
> chili that isn't actually chili. :-)
> Liutgard

Oh- forgot to note- I use red lentils. I like cooking with them, they 
have a slightly different, nuttier taste too them, and they don't turn 
that dismal concrete grey when cooked, like the little green/brown ones do.


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