[Sca-cooks] Yes It's Period and BBQ-Picnic-Potluck Feast Ideas

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Thu Jul 14 15:18:43 PDT 2011

Lovely Liutgard invited me to feast at her table at An Tir West War where
she featured both her black-eyed peas and the red lentils.  They were
scrumptious!  I could see the black-eyed peas that she made taking a place
of honor next to Anna Weckers's 'Finger Licking Good' fried chicken
(thigh/drumsticks) recipe.  I think I need to translate the whole recipe
and try it out, but basically Anna Wecker calls for precooked or leftover
rear portion of chicken, dipped in egg, bread crumb and flour batter and
fried in fat.  There are a couple of sauces - I like the onion-
breadcrumb- stock sauce.  My working translation of Anna's actual quote
about this recipe: "I have well from such drumsticks and these ingredients
/ made a dish for Lords / that one licks their fingers after [eating


>>> Idea 2: When you first started getting interested in cooking, what were
>>> the
>>> dishes where you boggled, thinking "WOW! I've been making that dish
>>> *forever*. It's documentably period? Awesome!"
>>> It's been interesting to see people's reactions in local, private
>>> conversations and I'd love to hear people's conversations on them here
>>> too.
>>> Iasmin
> Black-eyed peas. They turn up in the Carolingian Capitularies, as do
> salt pork and a variety of greens. The transplanted southerners are
> happy about that. Lentils too- and I've been cooking lentils with onion
> and bits of carrots and some chicken broth and a bit of wine, and adding
> cumin- a lot of it- and some grains of paradise. Sharpen it a tiny bit
> with verjus or vinegar, and you have something a lot like chili that
> isn't actually chili. :-)
> Liutgard
> --

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