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On 7/14/2011 3:18 PM, wheezul at canby.com wrote:
> Lovely Liutgard invited me to feast at her table at An Tir West War where
> she featured both her black-eyed peas and the red lentils.  They were
> scrumptious!

Thank you!

James took the leftover lentils home with him. They re-heat well. But 
the black-eyed peas (done with salt pork and some kale, pepper, and some 
thyme) did not. For one thing, I usually use the frozen ones, but they 
didn't have any in the tiny grocery in Gold Beach, so I had to make to 
with canned, which I wasn't happy with. They were good at dinner though.

I may go back to making a frumenty-oid dish, especially to go with the 
roast beef, but in previous iterations not much of it has been eaten. 
(Which means I have frumenty for breakfast for awhile. Not bad, just not 
my preference.) Here's when I get into the then- taste vs. now-taste and 
I'm not sure how to get past that dilemma. What they would have eaten 
happily may well be what we pass up. Too bland for modern palates? We 
apparently eat for different reasons, which gives us the luxury of being 

I might try playing with chick-peas, but they're similar to the red 
lentils and it might be... too much of the same thing, you know?

Does anyone know anything about the availability of rice in Frankish 
lands (roughly France and Germany) in the 8th c? I have not seen in in 
any of the documents I've got. I'm working straight from some of the 
Capitularies, and they're pretty exhaustive.

The cherry pastries turned out WOW! And the cabbage soup was good too. :-)

(Yes Stefan, I know you asked for more info. Let me get some stuff done 
and I might get that out this weekend. But first- James and I have 
tickets for Harry Potter tonight!)
>    I could see the black-eyed peas that she made taking a place
> of honor next to Anna Weckers's 'Finger Licking Good' fried chicken
> (thigh/drumsticks) recipe.  I think I need to translate the whole recipe
> and try it out, but basically Anna Wecker calls for precooked or leftover
> rear portion of chicken, dipped in egg, bread crumb and flour batter and
> fried in fat.  There are a couple of sauces - I like the onion-
> breadcrumb- stock sauce.  My working translation of Anna's actual quote
> about this recipe: "I have well from such drumsticks and these ingredients
> / made a dish for Lords / that one licks their fingers after [eating
> them]".
> Katherine
>>>> Idea 2: When you first started getting interested in cooking, what were
>>>> the
>>>> dishes where you boggled, thinking "WOW! I've been making that dish
>>>> *forever*. It's documentably period? Awesome!"
>>>> It's been interesting to see people's reactions in local, private
>>>> conversations and I'd love to hear people's conversations on them here
>>>> too.
>>>> Iasmin
>> Black-eyed peas. They turn up in the Carolingian Capitularies, as do
>> salt pork and a variety of greens. The transplanted southerners are
>> happy about that. Lentils too- and I've been cooking lentils with onion
>> and bits of carrots and some chicken broth and a bit of wine, and adding
>> cumin- a lot of it- and some grains of paradise. Sharpen it a tiny bit
>> with verjus or vinegar, and you have something a lot like chili that
>> isn't actually chili. :-)
>> Liutgard
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