[Sca-cooks] Yes It's Period and BBQ-Picnic-Potluck Feast Ideas

Terry Decker t.d.decker at att.net
Thu Jul 14 17:58:31 PDT 2011

Rice in Northern Europe in the 8th Century is possible, but not very likely. 
It would have been an import and from Arab held lands.

Rice was known in Roman times, but there is no record of it having been 
cultivated in Europe.  There is believed to have been some rice production 
in Egypt beginning about the 3rd Century BCE, however this was likely very 
limited.  General cultivation of rice begins in the 8th and 9th Centuries as 
the grain was widely introduced during the Islamic expansion.  I suspect 
that it's use in Christian Europe most likely dates from the Crusades.


> Does anyone know anything about the availability of rice in Frankish lands 
> (roughly France and Germany) in the 8th c? I have not seen in in any of 
> the documents I've got. I'm working straight from some of the 
> Capitularies, and they're pretty exhaustive.
> Liutgard

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