[Sca-cooks] dry milk

Terry Decker t.d.decker at att.net
Wed Jun 8 11:56:16 PDT 2011

The issue is that most stores sell nonfat dry milk in bulk.  The question is 
where do you get enough for a glass without buying two or three gallons 

Nonfat dry milk has a shelf life of around a year.  It doesn't go rancid per 
se (no fat), but it does undergo a chemical change that keeps it from 
reconstituting properly and it tastes worse than normal.


I am confused...

Do the local grocery stores no longer carry dried milk in US?

(I know I get it here in UK at the commissary, and I almost never not have 
some (and I have never noticed that non fat dried gets rancid either...)

(I grew up learning about filled milk, and even drank some in the 80's in 
Japan, although my Home Ec textbooks no longer mentioned it while teaching 

Arianwen ferch Arthur

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