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Stefan li Rous StefanliRous at austin.rr.com
Fri Jun 10 23:00:20 PDT 2011

Alys K. said:
<<< Should any of you be aficionados of Edelzwicker wine or
Pinot Grigio, Navarro Vineyards has a one-cent ground shipping "sale"
going on right now until July 31 or sold out.  Details at
http://www.navarrowine.com/casespecials/ .  Got some verjus that way and
it was thoroughly packed! >>>

Unfortunately, it looks like that 1 cent shipping sale is only good on  
'cases' of wine or verjuice.

I thought I might want to try their verjuice and maybe their mustard,  
but the shipping on a single bottle of verjuice is more than the cost  
of the verjuice!  And I don't think I could use a case of verjuice,  
even if the special included the verjuice, which I'm not sure it does.

They say this about the mustard. Is this correct?  I don't remember  
any medieval recipes using verjuice, but I may not be remembering  
correctly. It does sound like an interesting item to try. I can go  
through a lot of mustard, though. $17 per jar could get expensive,  
though. :-(

<<< The name mustard derives from the Latin words mustum (unfermented  
grape juice) and ardens (burning or fiery). Navarro's Medieval mustard  
is made in the ancient manner by mixing the hot seeds with the green  
must of Verjus. Mustard seeds and green grapes for Verjus are both  
harvested in late summer and have been blended for centuries. This is  
a coarse, savory mustard that will mind you of the origins of the more  
modern versions.
Contains: Mustard seed, Navarro Verjus (contains sulfites), water,  
salt, spice.

$12.00. 8.5 oz. >>>

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