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I like the verjus from Navarro.   It comes in wine bottles like their wine grape juices and it makes a very nice cold beverage when served with lots of ice.  I've tasted the mustard, nice, but nothing special.  OT, I am partial to the Barney Flats Oatmeal Stout Mustard ($8 last time I bought some) from Anderson Valley Brewing, which is located in Booneville just down the road from Philo and the Navarro Winery.  Recently made a trip to stock up at both places.  Just lucky they are in the neighborhood!
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> Alys K. said:
> <<< Should any of you be aficionados of Edelzwicker wine or
> Pinot Grigio, Navarro Vineyards has a one-cent ground shipping "sale"
> going on right now until July 31 or sold out. Details at
> http://www.navarrowine.com/casespecials/ . Got some verjus that way and
> it was thoroughly packed! >>>
> Unfortunately, it looks like that 1 cent shipping sale is only good on 
> 'cases' of wine or verjuice.
> I thought I might want to try their verjuice and maybe their mustard, 
> but the shipping on a single bottle of verjuice is more than the cost 
> of the verjuice! And I don't think I could use a case of verjuice, 
> even if the special included the verjuice, which I'm not sure it does.
> They say this about the mustard. Is this correct? I don't remember 
> any medieval recipes using verjuice, but I may not be remembering 
> correctly. It does sound like an interesting item to try. I can go 
> through a lot of mustard, though. $17 per jar could get expensive, 
> though. :-(
> <<< The name mustard derives from the Latin words mustum (unfermented 
> grape juice) and ardens (burning or fiery). Navarro's Medieval mustard 
> is made in the ancient manner by mixing the hot seeds with the green 
> must of Verjus. Mustard seeds and green grapes for Verjus are both 
> harvested in late summer and have been blended for centuries. This is 
> a coarse, savory mustard that will mind you of the origins of the more 
> modern versions.
> Contains: Mustard seed, Navarro Verjus (contains sulfites), water, 
> salt, spice.
> $12.00. 8.5 oz. >>>
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